Mrs. Marlene Thomas
Our junior high students follow predominately the faith- based Bob Jones curriculum and literature based instruction. This ensures that the students are well-versed with the concepts of math, science, history and language arts.

Our private school in Katy also offers a fine arts program to hone the creative skills of the students.

Ms. Jean Pickering
Our high school students mainly follow the AMSCO curriculum, recognized and used for the New York Regents Exam. The curriculum consists of core subjects in history, language, math, and science.  We aim at providing sufficient knowledge to students that will help them become successful in college or any other post-high school venture.

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Our Honors Program is available for exceptional students in grades 8-12 to provide them with the additional skills to qualify for honors graduation status. Thus, students at our Katy private school get an opportunity to demonstrate their academic abilities to colleges and achieve college hours by enrolling in dual credit courses.. HCC courses are available to students in grades 9-12.