At our private school in Katy, TX, students’ conduct is governed by an honor code. We believe in empowering students to understand the rules and expect them as well as the faculty to promote the right behavior.

Enrollment in our private high school requires adherence to the honor code:

As a person of honor, I will:

  • Remain honest in all my academic endeavors
  • Be respectful to other students and faculty at the school
  • Show reverence and keep the school campus orderly
  • Not indulge in active or passive violation of the honor code
I pledge to obey the rules continually and in a way that shows pride in myself, my family, school and community. I understand my responsibility towards the academic work, moral conduct, personal dignity and the honor of my school. I will be polite towards my fellow students and teachers as well as refrain from hurting anyone through words, expressions or actions. By accepting this honor code, I accept that I will always monitor my behavior and do what is ethically correct.