Dedicated to Academic Success!

    Dedicated to Academic Success!
  • Dedicated to Academic Success!
    Dedicated to Academic Success!

    Capstone Classical Academy is one of the leading private schools in Katy, Houston and Cypress area. We offer accredited programs to address the individual needs of each student. We work with the motto – ‘Lifting Spirits and Changing Lives’.

    In August 2009, we established our private school in Katy with just 4 students and 2 teachers working in a 900 square foot room. Currently, we have been successfully able to expand to a 12,000 square foot high school with a highly qualified staff.

    Capstone Classical Academy received accreditation by National Association Of Private Schools in December 2011. The objectives of our Christian school match the expectations of the faith-based organization, holding us accountable for the education we provide to our students.

    We do limited advertising as we reach out to the students in Katy, Cypress and Houston through divine intervention and word of mouth marketing.


    At our high school, we believe young people thrive in an atmosphere of love, respect, and nurture. That is why we provide an informal setting so that students feel "at home" and free to be themselves.

    Our goal is to help students become confident life-long learners while respecting themselves and others. At our private school in Katy, we promote the 3M’s, i.e. Manners, Morals and Motivation as well as emphasize the development of these qualities to be successful in life.

    The proactive learning approach is the key to the success of our private school among Katy students. Our academic programs focus on interactive learning while ensuring character growth, teamwork and literacy. With interdisciplinary project based education, we enable all our students to discover and reach their full potential.


Jean Pickering
Director of Academic Administration
Marlene Thomas
Director of Education

 Our students are prepared for college enrollment, if that is the direction they choose following high school.  Some would like to pursue vocational programs for which they have been prepared as well.  Through an agreement with HCC, our students have the ability to earn college hours with FREE TUITION prior to graduation. 

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  • Programs

    Private schools in Katy and Houston, TX organize many programs for students. However, we understand that all students do not learn in the same way or at the same pace. That is why, we mold the curriculum around a student’s learning style and individuality. Students are able to move through the curriculum at a pace that fits their learning style. Some of them will grasp quickly while others may need to spend some extra time on particular concepts.

  • Curriculum

    Our private school in Katy works on 3 principles – creativity, excellence and dedication. Our teaching staff is committed to ensure the intellectual, social and psychological development of each student. We believe that an equal involvement of teachers and parents is important for the kids to be successful. Our interactive and highly involved parent community ensures that we remain one of the most progressive private schools in Katy, Houston and Cinco Ranch, TX.

  • Admissions

    Enrollment for our Christian school is open year round for students across Katy, Houston and Cinco Ranch, TX. However, due to limited number of seats, parents are encouraged to apply early for a new school year. Our commitment to maintain a low student-teacher ratio restricts the applicants we enroll each year. As we are a non-traditional setting, we do not offer online applications. Parents and students must visit the Houston school campus to fill out the application.